When your product is ready to ship, you may need some strapping.

For a quote, we need to know:

Is it steel, polypropylene, or polyester strapping?
Not sure if your plastic strapping is polypropylene or polyester? Polypropylene is embossed, polyester is smooth..

What is the width? 1/4" 7/16" 1/2" 5/8" 3/4" 1-1/4" 2"

Thickness: .015 .020 .022 .023 .024 .035 .044
Sometimes plastic strapping specifies nominal breaking strength instead of thickness.

Nominal breaking strength:300# 400# 600# 1000#
If your plastic strapping is over 700# breaking strength, it's polyester.

Core: 8x8 16x3 16x6
The first number is the inside diameter of the coil, the 2nd is the width of the coil.
8x8 is only polypropylene.

Color: black white green other_________

Usual purchase quantity

This is what we'll need to give you a price on strapping.


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